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Our goal is to make a huge impact in a fun and efficient way, together!

We are celebrating our 10th year!

To date, we have raised $397,300 for local N. Arizona


Our next meeting is October 16th, 2024 at the eastside Toasted Owl.


Thank you to The Toasted Owl

for sponsoring WENA!


We are a group of 100+ women in Flagstaff, Arizona. The goal is to get 100+ women together, bring $100, vote on a local charity, and present the winning charity with $10,000!

We are not a nonprofit, we are a giving circle - a group of women getting together, having fun and empowering Northern Arizona.





As a group of 100+ women who care, we can make an impact on such a huge scale. Join us!

Please see our Past Donations page for more information about the winning recipients.

Our most recent donation from May 2024 went to Housing Solutions of N. AZ.

Our next meeting will be October 16th, 2024.


Please see our FAQ page here.

or contact us: 


About WENA

This group is inspired by the hundreds of similar groups around the country where 100 women gather, bring $100, pick a charity, and give away $10,000!

The Flagstaff, AZ group was started in 2014.  

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